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Group of companies "Petrovskie Nivy" - one of the fast growing companies in the south of Russia. The company buys and processes grains of all kind. It produces flour "Petrovskie Nivy" TM, pasta "Petrovskie Nivy" TM, pasta "PastaPrio" TM, cereals "Petrovskie Nivy" TM, ready flour blend "Petrovskie Nivy" TM and "Vitel" TM. All produce comply with the State Standard specification, certified, produced on modern high-tech equipment. Product range of the group of companies "Petrovskie Nivy" meets the demands of the most exacting customers and continues to grow continuously in accordance with customers' wishes and industry's curent trends. Company's experts accurately track the market trends: a thorough analysis, forecasting, marketing research allow to take one of the leading places in the market of grocery produce. 

For 12 years in the Russian market the company was able to achieve great results, first in its region and then entered the federal and international levels: today the company's products are successfully sold in different regions of Russia and CIS.


History of the company


The history of the company began in 1999 with the acquisition of one of the buildings of the former factory "Svet" ("light"), a total area of 2164.1 square meters, and installation of the mill equipment.


On April 1, a mini mill with the capacity of 15 tons per day was put into operation and since then the history of the company is a story of a constant growth, productivity, expanding of range, quality improvement and the commissioning of new facilities for the production of flour, pasta, flour blend and cereals, and thus increase of sales.

  • 2000 - mini cereal workshop with the capacity of 15 tons per day was put into operation for the production of cereals
  • 2001 - the overall productivity of the mill production increased to 900 tonnes per month by launching yet another mill with the capacity of 15 tonn per day
  • the beginning of 2002 - a growing production of cereals (millet, peas, etc.) in connection with the commissioning of an additional workshop with the capacity of 20 tons per day
  • the end of 2002 - another major reconstruction of workshops with the installation of additional equipment which allowed to produce an elite wheat flour on two lines of cereal workshops, the overall productivity increased to 1,000 tons per month
  • the beginning of 2003 - the company started to grow rapidly led by scientists of the Kuban State Technological University, Department of grain (head of subdepartment, Doctor of Technical Sciences - Shazzo Aslan ), who developed the technology and performed the design work, carried out a gradual complete reconstruction of flour production, which was conducted in three stages:
  • Stage 1 - design, installation and adjustment of new equipment «UNORMAK» (Turkey) for the production of flour with the capacity of 60 tons per day (put into operation in late 2004). Overall performance has reached 90 tons per day
  • Stage 2 - (late 2004 - early 2005) - installation of additional grinding section of 70 tons per day, bring the overall productivity of the mill workshop в„– 2 to 130 tons per day)
  • Stage 3 (2005 - 2007) - design and reconstruction of the mill workshop в„– 1 with two mini-mills for 15 tons per day each for the latest equipment «UNORMAK» with the capacity of 200 tons per day

Simultaneously with these works a lot of investments were made in acquisition of additional buildings, structures and technological transport. A huge amount of construction and modernisation of buildings into warehouses have been completed.
All of these have allowed increase of volumes in areas such as sales of cereals (millet, semolina, beans, etc.) and flour.

Having started in 1999 with the mini mill with the capacity of 15 tons per day the group of companies "Petrovskie Nivy" annually increases its production capacity both by building new facilities and upgrading existing in accordance with the latest technological advances.

Among new production - two pasta lines with the total capacity of 84 tons per day, mill workshop number 3 and bran's granulation workshop:

July 1, 2008 - the opening of a modern noodle lines «BUHLER» (Switzerland) on the basis of "Petrovskie Nivy" for the production of short cutted pasta of 10 most popular formats, output of 1500 kg per hour.

November 15, 2009 - with the launch of the second pasta line «ANSELMO» (Italy) with the capacity of 2,000 kg per hour the opportunity to expand the range of short cutted pasta has opened up by introducing new forms and meet the increasingly growing demand for pasta "Petrovskie Nivy" TM and "PASTAPRIO" TM.

The end of 2010 - follow a policy of increasing the production capacity "Petrovskie Nivy" completed installation and commissioning of the new mill plant в„– 3 (equipment «UNORMAK» (Turkey) with the capacity of 140 tons per day, packing equipment «NewProject» (Italy) and grainer (equipment "Muyang Group") with the capacity of 200 tons per day.

History of the company - is not just the constant growth of production capacities but also competent, professional work of all experts that aims for profitable and convenient cooperation with the company.

Business partners and consumers have repeatedly noted a high quality of all products, excellent taste characteristics, convenient packaging format.
The company's products are included in the prestigious and symbolic registry of "100 best goods of Russia", its high quality is awarded with medals of international exhibitions «WorldFood» and "Prodexpo". "Quality Mark" of the federal program "Russian quality", medals of the All-Russian review of the quality of flour and other award-winning professional contests of different formats.

Partnership with the group of companies "Petrovskie Nivy" - a solid foundation of a progressive development and profitability of your business.


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